Florida Military Families Need Childcare Now.

Bring a CDC to 7th SFG Families.

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The solution is simple.

The families of the 7th Special Forces Group (7th SFG) are being let down by their country when it comes to childcare services. The lack of sufficient child development center (CDC) facilities for 7th SFG and other military families in and around Eglin Air Force Base is a major source of hardship and has negatively impacted readiness. The inaccessibility of childcare services is forcing soldiers to choose between service and their family. Currently, many families working at Camp Bull Simons are subject to long waiting lists – at times over a year – to receive childcare. Some are forced to travel hours each day just to reach the nearest care facility. Others are driven to expensive alternatives not geared toward military families.

Enough is enough. Members of the 7th SFG and other units deserve to know their spouses and children are taken care of as they bravely serve their country. Spouses and partners shouldn’t be forced to choose between their careers and spending less time with their family. But the lack of a CDC forces them to make that choice. The solution is simple. It’s time to bring a CDC to 7th SFG families.


Florida Military Families are Making Their Voices Heard.

A CDC on Camp Bull Simons would be more than helpful. Families need the opportunity to continue their education and search for employment without the burden of finding something as simple as childcare.
This is something that affects absolutely everyone. As a Detachment Commander, I must take everyone's personal lives into consideration when making decisions. Often, due to the lack of childcare options, soldiers without children must cover duties and responsibilities of those soldiers with children.
The stress of finding childcare is difficult not only for the soldiers but for the entire family as well. Soldiers cannot concentrate on their jobs if their children aren’t being cared for.
I believe quality of life for the soldiers and families would drastically improve if soldiers knew their children were being properly provided for.
It is common to see soldiers with young children struggling emotionally and mentally in our clinic due to the significant stress that lack of childcare presents. This is a preventable problem that would greatly improve the mental health of the formation.

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